I always remember that when I was in the primary school. Being a fortunate fat cute boy (a little bit out of nerves description), the things that I would love to do come with the position, trust and confident of others. Being a prefect, my standard 3 duty spot is in the school co-operative society. So what I did was being a cashier in the society. I still remember that sometimes the teacher on duty will buy me and my partner some pens or notebooks. Well plus my parents pocket money, I happen to buy a lot small gifts for friends. I just love that joy giving friends something.

Fast forward, being the school #1 academically for standard 4 and 5 has grant me the role being a little mentor during standard 6. So every morning, as standard 6 start classes on 715 instead of usual 735. That 20 minutes is where I should ask the other classmates read the textbooks, copy the essays and search dictionary. I would spend much time chitchat with almost everyone.

For all the responsibilities, there is trust and confident, and as returns, I will have busy schedule for carrying books and exam papers, meeting the principal frequently to discuss on UPSR  reference books at the age of 12.

I don't really face much problems interacting with any friend. Although I behaved a bit odd due to that mature a bit mindset, it was until the secondary school where I first had the problem where people pinpointed that I shouldn't be too close with girls.

In a way, that social pressure is strong enough to get me change the way I social around. AND THIS IS EXTREMELY REGRETTABLE.

Well, if anything can be on par with it. I believe it will be people asking me not to answer the lecturer question, not to gives too much effort during presentation and not to be too shine.

Studying economics and businesses, we'll learn protective mechanism such as tariffs, duties and taxes. In a way, to protect certain firms, first you must made it on a different ground with competitors.

In politics wise, all sort of rules, legislations and rights are there to give privileges and rights to certain group of people. 

Being a social science researcher, we know that to generalise something, the population should be normal distributed as bell-shape curves. 

This why as we getting more develop and intellectual, there are times we feel things are not right. In every bell-shape there is two ends of extremes which is minority as compared to the majority middle. However for many years, we ignore these ends. As we advocate for being moderate.

Asking someone who doing well to don't do so well, to be moderate is not right. We are not suppose to just follow majority and neglect the minorities. In a classroom, we are not suppose to just arrange all tables and chairs in one row so everyone has equal distance. Because equal doesn't mean fair and equality is not justice. However putting all the tall students at the back may not be fair as well. What made you able to see clearly are eyesights but not heights.

If someone being excellent, applause and not tell him I knew one guy better than you but he failed harder even then. Just because the systems used to discourage someone doesn't mean you should keep the tradition.

If you a boss today, earning a 5% profit and returning 5% salary increment to your workers.Remember your 5% extra means 50 thousand and your employee 5% means 150. It is not fair. Similarly you decide to be equal giving all your employees bonus justify your ability to avoid troubles but not ability to treat your employees fairly.

Why do we still have income inequalities after so many years?? ?Because we charging everyone 6%, even we imposing different income tax bracket, at end of year let the poor and rich both left their income 10%. 10% of 2000 is 200 while 10% of 100k is 10k. Even you pay the poor another 1k, the gap is still there.

Don't ask people to spend moderately. Certainly there are much better things to do than that.

The last advice you should ever give is be moderate because moderation itself need to be moderated.
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